Glamis Gecko Rd.


It seems that finding a spot in the Glamis Sand Dunes is becoming quite a competition.  Are Sand Rail and or over the top sand car manufactures to blame.  You tell me.

Sand Rail Suspension

KangarooAustralian Company to launch all new Sand Rail Suspension System designed solely by actual kangaroos.

Sound Rail Sound Systems

An all new sound system for Sand Rails by a Cambodian Manufacturer can actually give you the capability to call in air support.

Sand Rail Radios

Sand Rail Radios to be charged just like cell phones.  Minute to minute could cost over talking duners / railers from talking so much on their 2 ways.

Sand Rail Paddle Tires

Sand Rail Paddle Tires.  China manufacture to cut costs by producing paddles that work with kayaks and sand rail paddle tires.

Sand Rail Manufactures

Discuss and talk about the best sand rail manufactures in the business.

Sand Rail Frames

Using literal hippy beads to weld frames…. is it possible?  The Canadians say “YES” it is!

Sand Rail Engines

Sand Rail Engines….  High end Sand Rail manufactures switching over to using high performance 50cc engines.  Say bye bye to horse-power and say “HI” to goat power.